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Yoli New self-designed & produced machine series for MLCC industry. In Taiwan , our machines have market occupation over 80%. Approval from customers is our top honor and proof for the quality and function of our machines.

  • High throughput: More than 640k cs/hr for 1005 mm chip size
  • Highly accurate and precise dipping bandwidth control: 3216~ 0603 mm chip size available
  • Equip with dropped chip detector: Detect the chip drop in paste tray and then reject the chip automatically
  • Flexible dipping parameter setting for different chip sizes
  • Patented paste feeding system for clean easily and minimize paste waste
  • User-friendly control interface
II. Specification
Dipping type
Single dipping, Soft Blotting, Blotting
Typical producing time
Single dipping: Each carrier plate works for 15 sec.
Blotting: Each carrier plate works for 25sec.
Soft Blotting: Each carrier plate works for 20 sec.
Vacuum plate accuracy
± 0.01 mm
Paste plate accuracy
± 0.01 mm
Horizontal calibration of doctor blade
± 0.005 mm
Jig replacement time
30 sec.
Paste feeding
An auto detecting & feeding system is standard
Paste Material
Silver or copper
IBM compatible PC
Window NT
LCD panel, touch screen available
Length: 90 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 195 cm / with light box 170 cm / without light box
Weight: 350 Kg

Power: AC 3 ψ 4W 380/220V or 3 ψ 3W 220V
Air source pressure: 5Kg / cm 2