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Water-unloading & Drying Equipment (W/ Patent)


Special automatic designed machine for promoting the present plating process. Successfully save a lot of charge.

  • Users don’t need to take out the chips manually; this can decrease the chance to do damage to the chips, and raise the production rate.
  • Easily unload the products from the plating cage to reduce the unnecessary waste of chips.
  • Save the charge for human resource: one user can take care of two machine.
  • Designed movement can help drying the chips efficiently.
  • Friendly user interface, easy to operate.
  • Our software release a lot of setting function for user.
  • Suitable chip size: all sizes
  • We can special design or modify according to customers’ plating container or container specification.
  • This machine is workable with both capacity and resistance.



1200mm x 920mm x 1800mm (L/W/H, without the height of the feet)
About 500 kg
Power Supply

Air source pressure
More than 5.0kg/cm2
Drying Temperature
Max 150℃