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Chip Component Video Inspection System CCVIS-E3

CCVIS-E3 is a highly sophisticated automatic system for outer-appearance inspection of chip components.

Based on the expertise incorporated in our automatic outer-appearance inspection systems for pharmaceuticals, this system is designed to seek higher accuracy in order to improve the quality of chip components. The optimum algorithm settings and non-vibratory transport mechanism guarantees a highly precise inspection.

Inspection functions
Applicable chips Multilayer chips, Chip inductors
Capsule size 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402 and 0201 etc.
Inspected items Crack, Chips, Foreign particles, Scratch, Void, Electrode size, Discoloration, etc.
Inspected surfaces Four surfaces (face, back, and both sides)
Processing capacity Max 4.000 chips/min (based on chip size)

Features of the System

High Speed inspection The unique transport mechanism enables an extremely high-speed inspection. Max 4,000 chips/min (based on chip size)
Highly Accurate Inspection Employment of high-resolution CCD line sensor cameras enables the detection of minute defects on the electrodes and bodies.
High Acceptance Ratio Based on the unique stable transport mechanism, suitable illumination system, and image processing technology,the CCVIS can maintain a high acceptance ratio while sorting out defective chips.
Easy Change Over Changeover parts are quickly and easily changed without the use of any tools.
   Accuracy Based on Self-diagnosis Functions Self-diagnosis functions which conduct applicability judgment of initial condition for inspection and monitoring of hardware enable automated inspection.Initial diagnosis
The system informs applicability judgment of initial condition to an operator.On-line diagnosis
The computer monitors the inspection and running conditions of the system while inspection, and automatically stops inspection if an abnormal condition occurs with the system and informs the operator.Off-line diagnosis
Individual diagnosis of the hardware is available by the computer.
Quality Control Data Inspection results, such as the number of defective chips by factor and defective ratio, can be printed out. The data can also be saved on floppy disks to be utilized for quality control.
Images of defective chips, which can be utilized in parameter setting, are automatically saved during inspection.
Three kinds of defective chips can be sorted into different collection boxes.
Application to Various Sizes CCVIS-E3 is applicable to chip size of 0603 to 3216
Body color: Brown or gray
(Regarding other colors, applicability is judged based on the preliminary evaluation.)
Individual Sorting System of Acceptable/Defective Chips Air valves sort out acceptable and defective chips individually in order to avoid mixing of defective chips in the acceptable chips collection box.
Automatic Illumination Adjustment The automatic illumination adjustment technology provides easy control of the lighting system that stabilizes the inspection accuracy.
User Friendly Human-machine Interface Visual monitoring of all inspection areas is available during inspection.