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Yoli New self-designed & produced machine series for MLCC industry. In Taiwan, our machines have market occupation over 80%. Approval from customers is our top honor and proof for the quality and function of our machines.





  • High cutting speed: 6 cuts per second in automatic mode
  • Fully automatic cutting process: Auto green bar load/unload with per-heating system; furthermore, cutting mark can be aligned automatically.
  • Precision accuracy (resolution): Y&Z axes: +/- 0.005mm, Theta axis: +/-0.001 degrees
  • 5 axes programmable control: Y, Z, theta, left and right camera
  • Stable light source: LED light source
  • Easy to change blades: special designed tool for changing blade within one minute
  • User-friendly interface: Window base control environment
  • Various operating modes: manual, automatic and auto vision alignment
  • Safety: Hidden cutting stage by safety cover
II. Specification
Max. Cutting Speed

6 cuts per second for 0402 (1005 mm) chip size

Bar Size
100 x 100mm (4"x4")~150 x 150mm( 6"x6")

(Should be specified in order purchase)

Maximum Bar Thickness
Precision Accuracy (Resolution)
Y & Z Axes: ±0.005 mm

θ Axis: ±0.01°

Y Axis Encoder: 0.001mm

θ Axis Encoder: 72000 Pulse/rev

Mark Alignment Accuracy:
Alignment Speed
0.5 sec/Per mark
Direction of Alignment
Both side and top
Capacity of Auto Load/Unload System
H: 125mm L x W (100 x 100mm ~ 150 x 150mm)


Time for Auto-loading&unloading
10 seconds
Blade temperature
Ambient to 100℃
Stage temperature
Ambient to 100℃
Heating system
Ambient to 100Pre-heating before loading, heating on stage & blade PID control
Light Source
LED, over 100000 hours life
Dual CCD, 1/3” chip size

EIA Format, Non-interface

IBM PC compatible
Windows NT
Vacuum Option
UPS 1 HP oil type
Requirements for Auto process
A. All green bars must have uniform sizes, bar trimming before cutting is required

B. Cutting pads could be either porous paper or sticky film

Facilities Requirements
A. Electrical power: AC 3 ψ4W 380/220V 50/60HZ or AC 3 ψ3W 220V 50/60HZ

(Should be specified in order purchase)

B. Air: 5 Kg/cm2

C. Dimensions: 830mm (W) x 1020mm (L) x 1500mm (H)