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Yoli New self-designed & produced machine series for MLCC industry. In Taiwan, our machines have market occupation over 80%. Approval from customers is our top honor and proof for the quality and function of our machines.

  • Eliminate loading and pressing operator
  • Improve productivity
  • Efficient loading cycle with over 90 ~ 95% loading rate
  • Loading speed compatible with termination system
  • Improper loaded chips detection
  • Easy to change chip size
II. Specification
System content
A. Jig plate loading system

B. Plate transfer and control system

C. Chip vibration and loading system

D. Chip pre-press and plate surface cleaning system

E. Plate collect syste

F. Control Unit

Chip size
1206, 0805, 0603, 0402 (inch)
Jig plate capacity
4 litter
Loading efficiency
0402 – 25 sec/plate, loading rate > 97%

0603 – 25 sec/plate, loading rate > 97%

0805 – 25 sec/plate, loading rate > 90%

1206 – 25 sec/pate, loading rate > 90%

Changeover time
10 min
Control panel
10.4” LCD touch panel
Auto tape placer, chip transfer and ejector
A. Power: AC 3 ψ4W 380/220V

or AC 3 ψ3W 380V

B. Dimensions: 1430mm (W) x 970mm (D) x 1500mm (H)

C. Weight: 500 kg

D. Air pressure: 5 kg/cm2