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Auto Chip Terminator (w/ Patent)

Yoli New self-designed & produced machine series for MLCC industry. In Taiwan , our machines have market occupation over 80%. Approval from customers is our top honor and proof for the quality and function of our machines.

  • High throughput: More than 640k pcs/hr for 1005 mm chip size
  • Closed dipping environment with automatic paste refilling system
  • Highly accurate and precise dipping bandwidth control: 3216~ 0603 mm chip size available
  • Flexible production design with compatible chip auto loading system and drying oven
  • User-friendly control interface
II. Specification
Feeding system capacity

150 pcs (2012 chip size)

Dipping type
Single dipping, Soft Blotting, Blotting
Typical producing time

Production time varies with the kind of dipping process

a. Single dipping: Each carrier plate works for 15 sec.

b. Blotting: Each carrier plate works for 25sec.

c. Soft Blotting: Each carrier plate works for 20 sec.

Vacuum plate accuracy
± 0.01 mm
Paste plate accuracy
± 0.01 mm
Horizontal calibration of doctor blade
± 0.005 mm
Jig replacement time
30 sec.
Paste feeding
An auto detecting & feeding system is standard
Paste Material
Silver or copper
Optional Equipment

a. Auto plate collecting system or in-line drying oven

b. Chip auto loading system
IBM compatible PC
Window NT
LCD panel, touch screen available

Length: 127 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 159 cm / with light box
130 cm / without light box

Weight: 500 Kg

Power: AC 3 ψ 4W 380/220V or 3 ψ 3W 220V

Air source pressure: 5Kg / cm 2