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Passive Components
Solar Cell

Passive Components

Rotary Plating Machine

By centrifugal method and inside a plating steel ring, the component is complete exectroplated without big machinery movement. To Save room and provide clean environment for high technology level.



*Less Sticky Chip
*Good Electric Conduction
*No Liquid Exchange Problem
*Stable Uniformity
*High Volume Output
*Speed Dry
*Touch Panel Interface
*Whole Automation Design
*No Transmitter
*No Plating Liquor Tin/Ni In And Out From Plating Bucket, 
 Can Keep Clean Of Work Enviroment.
*High Metal Purity
*High Washing Efficiency, No Remained Plating Liquor
*Big Pad N Contact Area


*Save Floor Space
*Cost Reducing
*Efficiency Improving
*Quality Improving
*Out put Increase
*Less Waste
*Speedly after Sale Service (Hardware / Software)