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The Inspection Of Patterned Sapphire Substrate

1.      Automatic loading and unloading, fast exchange system.
2.      High resolution optical system.
3.      High speed and high precision inspection system.
4.      User Friendly Human-machine Interface.
1.      Application:2 inch & 4 inch PSS.
2.      Inspected Items:Scratch, Pattern Lost, Particle, Pattern Deformation,etc.
3.      Image Resolution:Inspection:1.4um/pixel, Review:0.22um/pixel.
4.      Cassette:Six cassettes, Each cassette contains 25 PCS wafer.
5.      Illumination:Coaxial lighting, side lighting.
6.      Inspected Range:150 mm x 150 mm.
7.      Throughput:120 pcs/hour.